• Bethany Mac

Let's Get Nashty.

I'm talking Nashville, Tennessee honey.

For my 22nd birthday my housemates surprised me with a trip to Nashville! I'd never been before and they truly planned the ultimate weekend to celebrate. They made sure I got to do all the touristy + trendy things possible! Let me just say... if you haven't experienced all that Nashville has to offer, this is your sign! This trip has gone down into one of the best weekends/trips of my life!

I'll explain where we stayed, things we did, best restaurants, drinks, etc! I also want to be transparent with what's "worth the hype" (or $$) when deciding on certain things. This is only brushing the surface of all that Nashville has to offer! I hope this acts as a guide and gives you ideas for your own trip.

Here's a fun recap before we dive into the good stuff!

Where we Stayed

This has got to be one of the CUTEST airbnb's! I can't say enough good things about it. Decorated so nicely, close to downtown, lots of room, large backyard/porch area, 10/10! I had the privilege of staying in the lofted bed in the house. I felt like rapunzel climbing up and down a ladder to my bed each night, lol. For referencer, this confortably slept 4 people! Attaching the link HERE!

Where we Ate

If you know me, you know this girl loves to eat. So take my reviews to heart. I won't let you down!

  • Blue-Stripes Cacao Shop. We actually ended up here by mistake and it happen to open the day we got there. Guess it was meant to be! We loved this place so much we went back a second time. The best place for brunch or coffee in town! MY ORDER: Scrambled egg tartine, chocolate croissant and iced white mocha. (Everything was AMAZING, 10/10).

  • Hampton Social. This is THAT place to get all dressed up and treat-yo-self. Located towards the end of Broadway. Great photo-op spots, great food! Expensive, but worth it. MY ORDER: Prime Skirt Steak with fries (8/10), "I Glitterally Can't" Cocktail (7/10)

  • Five Daughters Bakery. Im bias... I consider myself a donut contassur. This place is definitely worth the hype, they're great! Be prepared to spend a pretty penny however... I think our dozen donuts were around $60. (No, that was not a typo... Lol).

  • White Limozeen. Dolly Parton's new rooftop restaurant located on top of the Graduate Hotel! Don't waste your money on food here, very expensive and not the greatest. Eat before and let this be where you grab a few drinks and photo-ops! DRINK ORDER: "Another Day in Paradise" (8/10)

  • Loveless Cafe. An iconic southern-style Nashville Restaurant. It's a good ways from Downtown Nashville, but if you have a craving for southern cookin, this is your spot! MY ORDER: Chicken and Waffles (9/10)

  • Biscuit Love. Located in the Gulch, a great breakfast spot. The line is extremely long to get in. Was it worth it? Yes. The food was great! MY ORDER: Bonuts (6/10), East Nasty Biscuit (7/10).

Must-Have Things to do

  1. Visit Five Daughters Bakery.

  2. Go Mural hunting. I'm sure we've all seen the many murals on Instagram that Nashville has to offer. Some of them are hidden and some are bigger than life! Such a fun way to explore Nashville and visit these iconic spots. Im gonna help you sista's out and list the murals with navigation help below!

  3. Explore Broadway. This seems like a no-brainer. Enjoy the time on Broadway! Shopping, live-music, drinking tours, etc...

  4. Visit the Gulch. Lots of shopping and GREAT places to eat. Kittenish and Vici Dolls were my favorite places to shop. We also ended up at Blue-Stripes Urban Cacao Shop... some of the best brunch food and coffee I've ever had. Def a must-try.

  5. Drinks at White Limoseen. As Dolly Parton once said, "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap". Lol. Dress the part ladies! This is the place for all the photo-ops!

  6. Dinner at the Hampton Social. The food here was great! Expensive, but worth the money.

  7. Bowling at Pinewood Social. Such a unique place! Coffee shop + restaurant attached to it as well. Food, bowling, and some healthy competition... what could be better?

  8. Jason Aldean's Bar. We only made it to 2-3 bars due to the fact that the lines to get into them are insane, be prepared! Decide what bar you want to stay at for the night, you most-likely won't be able to get into multiple in one night. BUT, if you have to choose one, Jason Aldean's takes the cake. 4 stories high, different live-music artists on every floor and a great atmosphere!


We only made it to a few bars unfortunately. Like I mentioned earlier, you pretty much stay at one spot! All were great, just different vibes!

  • Jason Aldean's: Dancing, Loud, Live Music and Dj. (My favorite!)

  • Kid Rock's Honkey Tonk: Restaurant/Bar style, no dancing, live-music, interactive with the crowd.

  • Luke Bryan's Big Red: Restaurant/Bar style, no dancing, live-music.

  • Florida Georgia Line House: Very chill, live-music, restaurant/bar.

Weekend Itinerary

This is for you honey's! Im attaching a weekend itinerary I made for anyone interested/needing a little guidance. Basically what we did on our trip each day. Places we went, ate at, addresses, etc! Click HERE to download!

Nashville has stolen my heart forever!! One of the best trips of my life. I hope this was informational and influenced you to go on your own girls trip! GET TO BOOKIN!

p.s. make sure you have a cowgirl hat + boots ready at all times!!