• Bethany Mac

Small Biz Saturday: @sweetsidesc

Hey honey's! Or should I say Galentines? As we all prepare for the amount of chocolate and wine we are going to consume this month, why not add ADORABLE custom cookies on top of that list?? When I tell you I could smell these cookies out of the box... I was basically drooling by the time I pulled them all out. The Sweet Side of the South will be a reoccurring purchase from this gal.

"We all have a set side! I'm blessed to share mine thru my little cookie boutique!". Kim Atwood is the creative, talented baker that decorated all of the cookies shown above! She is not only a friend, but my second cousin! I'm so blessed to grow up under her example + guidance. A true business woman making her passion project come to life. I admire her hard work and entrepreneur spirit more than she probably even realizes. Recently, I was sent The Sweet Side of the South's Valentines day collection and I was floored. From trendy cookies, to movie characters, to your basic Valentines day puns... she does an amazing job by offering every possible design you could think of. Whether you need logo cookies to help market your brand, wedding or birthday favors, teacher gifts, holiday goodies or a sweet treat "just because", she's your woman!

Here's a little snippet behind the heart of The Sweet Side of the South:

"My name is Kim, and I live in South Carolina with my husband, Bryan, and our three beautiful children. We love Jesus, family, and Clemson football (in that order) and do our best to make the most of this sweet, blessed life we get to spend in the most beautiful place on Earth... THE SOUTH!"

-Kim Atwood

Seriously y'all, these are the perfect addition to any event, birthday or #treatyoself moment you may have. At this point, I assume I've got you drooling as well. Interested in getting a taste? Click HERE to head to The Sweet Side of the South's website to request a quote, browse the gallery or any other questions you may have!

Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for it! (Get those workouts ready too, #balance right??)