• Bethany Mac

Wrapping Up 2020 Fashion Trends

It's no doubt that 2020 was the year of the unexpected. From face masks becoming a requirement to the obsession of Tiger King's Joe Exotic- you would've had me fooled. The same goes with fashion... sweatpants became not just acceptable but fashionable! Can I get an amen?! Here's my personal opinion when it comes to trends... I love to be on trend but I hate being basic. I always look to achieve the look with a twist. Make it your own! I've rounded up my favorite trends, honest opinions and links to shop yourself!

1. The shacket.

Otherwise known as a shirt jacket... these have become a closet staple for myself. It's a shirt. It's a jacket. Its completely up to your discretion how to style it. Dressed up for the night out or thrown over a t-shirt for a coffee date. This is a trend I hope lasts a long time!

2. Tie-dye.

The 60's boogied their way back into 2020 with this trend that seems to be everywhere. Tie-dye first made appearances in 2018, but the trend never seemed to stick. No one really wanted bright, neon colored splashes of color in their daily wardrobe. Until quarantine. Consumers wanted to make their lounge-sets a little less drab. If you didn't tie-dye one clothing item in your closet...did you even quarantine??

3. Lounge sets / Sweat suits.

This is the best trend to come out of 2020. Normalizing basically wearing pajamas in public?? Yes mam. I jumped on this trend quicker than the pandemic hit. Vintage band tees too, we love those.

4. Air Force 1's / Jordan 1's.

If you've followed me long enough, you know sneakers are my thang. The fact that Air Force 1's and Jordans have now become a trend is music to my ears! My only negative comment about this is... if you buy fake Jordans... you and I need to have a chat. I get it, they're expensive to the majority people for a pair of sneakers. Trust me, I know. But that's what makes them so valuable and a novelty to have. If you're going to participate in the trend, don't be that person. Sincerely, all the sneaker heads in the world.

5. Biker shorts.

We have Kim Kardashian to thank for this trend. Remember when she wore biker shorts, a tight tank-top and strappy heels back in 2016? She received SO much hate. This look was considered one of her 'worst-dressed' moments in history. I bet she's laughing now!

6. Doc Martens.

Honestly, these had to grow on me. However, the combat boot style I've always loved. A cute mini dress paired with Doc's or combat boots? I LOVE this look.

7. Mom jeans.

I think these are so flattering. High waisted mom jeans make your body look GUUUD. It took me a second to get into them... but now they're all I wear! #thxmom

8. Face masks.

Whether we wanted these to be a trend or not... here they are. Not much to say about these, but hey if we have to wear them may as well make them cute right? Add on a chain and your favorite pattern to at least make you want to wear them!

9. Chunky gold jewelry.

Heavy, layered chain necklaces were the best way to spice up your comfy sweat-sets or t-shirt. Personally, I love it! Those huggie dangle earrings or chunky gold hoops I wear daily too. It really does add another element to your outfit. 10/10 from me!

10. Animal print.

What do I not have leopard print? Count me in honey! With the new show series Tiger King instantly becoming a hit, tiger print has also made an appearance. Can we make a deal though? Promise me... let's all decide not to bring back zebra :). Really gives me 2000's vibes and I just don't think I can relive that haha. Butterflies I think are cute too They seem to be everywhere!